Minor "File / Open..." improvement

And here a minor suggestion to improve the “File / Open…” menu.

What I’d like to see would be for Scrivener to offer two “File / Open…” menus:

a) The current one as it is, which should be renamed “Open File…”.

This is what it does, since you have to enter a folder and explicitly select a .scrivx file for it (and the associated project) to be opened.

b) A new one, named “Open Project…”, that should be placed above the “Open File…” one and, instead of using Window’s file browser window, use the alternative folder browser window, similar to this screenshot:

It’d make it possible to open a Scrivener project directly by just pointing to the .scriv folder, without first having to open the folder and then locate the .scrivx file inside it, thus economizing much unneeded scrolling and clicks.

This change would make Scrivener that little bit easier to use. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I read that in OSX the .scriv folder works as if it were a file and thus that one does indeed open the .scriv “file” directly, not the .scrivx file within it. Is that correct? If so my above suggestion would make Scrivener for Windows that little bit more similar to the original.