Missing content fron my pages

I am a bit in panic. I opened in my version of scrivener (3.2.3) a big project where I have a folder with notes and reviews of articles for my book. Some of them are empty! I am pretty sure the material was there a couple of days ago. Nothing happened. I read online this is not unsual. I looked at earlier versions, and the same doc shows with lines (as there was text inside).
Please help.

Just an apdate. I followed advise in a message from somebody and I created a new project and Imported the project where several pages show nothing. And yes. In this importation there was everything.
So I asume that the info is in the project but it doesn’t show. How can I manage this? It is weird enough.

Are you using Dropbox, iCloud, or a similar service?

The most likely cause is a misguided “smart sync” behavior. “Smart sync” allows the synchronization software to store part or all of the project only in the cloud, to be downloaded to the local computer on command. Unfortunately, the algorithm’s decisions about what to store locally are often poor. Meanwhile, the index that Scrivener uses to build the Binder is in a separate file from your actual writing. So if the index file has been downloaded and the contents file hasn’t, the document will appear as blank.

Creating a new copy of the project appears to fix the problem because making the copy forces a complete download of everything. But the underlying cause remains, and so the same thing could potentially happen to the new project in the future.

We recommend ensuring that the entire contents of every Scrivener project is locally stored. That is, disable all “smart” or “optimization” options with respect to folders containing Scrivener projects.

Hi there,
Following your advice, in order to evade the problems caused by the sync options with clouds, I tried to to copy my scrivener project into a local folder in my desk, once I disconnected the folders “desk” and “documents” from icloud. However, then I am having another problem trying to make a copy of the project I had in OneDrive or in Icloud. It seems to be impossible, it doesn’t allow me to do it. I tried to open the project and save as…it doesn’t work; also once opened I tried to make a security copy. No way. I tried to copy the project without opening…
I am getting crazy with this.
I would like to put all my projects in the local file, and simplify. But trying to copy pages that seem to be relevant to another project, the problem of how to do that emerges.
Sorry, and thank you in advance for your help.

Could you explain “doesn’t work” in a little more detail, please? Are you unable to open the project? Or unable to make the copy? If you get an error message, what does it say?