Missing Custom Metadata on iPhone

I can’t seem to access my custom metadata in the inspector on my iPhone. I just don’t see the option for it. Hopefully I’m just missing a checkbox somewhere in the settings.

I’ve learned to use and love custom metadata on macOS. I use it for my scenes. having fields for Goal, Conflict, Disastor, Reaction, Dilemma, Decision is extremely useful. So when I’m in Outliner view I get a nice table showing all my scene info.

And when I’m working on the scene itself I just bring up the inspector to get access to the info I need.

And now I’m trying to integrate the iPhone into my workflow, so I can get some writing done during commute each day, but I don’t have access to my scene info :frowning:

Maybe this feature was left out of the iOS version on purpose? I can understand that custom metadata might be too complex to setup and fill-out in the iOS version, but maybe having the ability to at least view-only already created metadata could be achievable. Just not having access to this info on my iPhone is a bummer.

If this isn’t possible then I’ll need to completely forego metadata if I want to swap between desktop and phone to write (such a shame) – Maybe I’ll just need to cram everything in the notes of each scene instead.

Hey, thanks for the screenshots of your workflow, very cool of you to share!

Yeah, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, the iOS version does not support custom metadata, along with a number of other desktop features. Hopefully you find a suitable workaround. :frowning:

Sorry, but I know that this feature is not available in the iOS version. Keywords aren’t available either. Much of this info, for me, used to get stuffed into the synopsis, since iOS can display the synopsis in its binder while it has an editor window open. Notes would work, if you prefer to keep the inspector open.

If you’re into timelining software at all, Aeon Timeline manages a lot of this sort of stuff, and connects to Scriv via metadata and custom metadata. Now that it has an iOS version, you can have everything that Timeline tracks up in an iOS split screen–and even modify it for later sync on the Mac/PC. At least I can refer to my dates, arcs, and keywords. :smiley:

This got me excited. Then I saw the price of the iOS app ($19). Ouch! I’m sure the app is worth it for others, but all I want to do is view my Scrivener custom metadata on my iPhone. I went ahead purchased the app anyway. I quickly found out that Scrivener sync isn’t available on iOS. Maybe it will be in the future, but it isn’t at the moment. Unfortunately Apple says that I can’t refund this app :frowning: Looks cool though.

Aeon Timeline is no cheaper than Scrivener, and each is expensive compared to many other iOS apps.

For me, it’s worth it because I already use Aeon Timeline on the Mac, but if you’re looking at paying for two licenses (Mac Aeon and iOS Aeon) in order to just look at your metadata on iOS, yeah, I get why you’d balk. Best to just output your metadata as CSV, import it into a Google spreadsheet, and examine it on iOS that way–or stuff it all into synopsis or document notes.

(I did say “if you’re into timelining software” :wink: )