Missing Font Size

In the preferences for selecting what font and size to use, there’s an option for 16 pt size font but when you go to an actual document there is no longer 16. It goes from 14 to 18.

I’m curious. Does Mac 2.0 have custom font sizes? Like being able to input 11.5 or anything else long those lines?


Have a look on top of your font sizes : the one selected is there :wink:

Actually it’s not. I already looked. That’s what I meant when I said it wasn’t there in a document when you look to change the font on the format bar.

The Mac is the same as Windows in this regard. If you want a custom font size, you need to make that adjustment using the full font palette, not the convenience tools in the Format Bar. Once in the palette you can manually type in a size.

Here is how it looks on the Mac with a custom size in use:


Now I experience exactly the same : pitch 16 has COMPLETELY disappeared from the selection list, although it should be there.

In a newer post, some one reports on this as well.

It is about texts where pitch 16 was used.

What I had noticed until now was that size 16 sometimes moded to odd places.
But when text of this size was selected, that sounded ok to me.

Now I see this newer post and have a look…
In the open project, there is no font size 16…
Nor in other projects…
There is no longer a font size 16 available in the list.
In Edit > Options > Editor > Font it is still present.

Selecting it as default size does NOT make it reappear, unless you close and reopen the project with that setting active.
Now, 16 is back in the line, but being default, it stays on top…

I do not want it as default, only as title size…
What can I do, if I do not wish to (1) change options, (2) close the project, (3) reopen, (4) make title, (5) change default font size, (6) close and reopen to activate it…