Missing footnotes in Chicago template

Hello. I’m a newbie too - halfway of my free-trial. I decided to do my academic paper as a “real” trial and see how it goes. I must say, I am intrigued and seriously thinking to buy it. Now that I finished my first draft, I can’t seem to be able to compile it in the format I want it to be (on Chicago style: just a basic essay body+footnote+work cited). Why the footnotes are not automatically inserted as I thought they should? (Can’t find them anywhere in the final, compiled draft). I did try different ways to do it - to no avail. I’m sure this must be just a glitch (on my side of missing a very easy click or something), but I decided to shout just now…

Many thanks!

Are you opening the file with a word processor, or just a preview type program like Quick Look or TextEdit? Not everything can read footnotes, so they may appear to disappear in programs such as these.

P.S. I moved this to its own thread since it didn’t really have much to do with the other post regarding formatting extending off of the page in the editor—from what I can tell.

Hi Amber

I tried to open it on TextEdit as suggested (earlier I wanted to open it on Windows, but then again a pop message says that I’d lose most of the format and instead it suggests for me to compile it on TextEdit). I then again retried to open it on Windows, and here the footnotes appear as Endnotes. The formatting is indeed messed up (all the indents, space between lines etc). I thought the footnotes should have appeared on the “Notes” page as indicated in the Template?

If I buy the programme I’d mostly use it for academic paper and book manuscript. So it’s very important for me for this footnote feature to work. Any suggestions?

What format are you exporting to? Make sure you export to RTF format, and open it in a real word processor such as Word - TextEdit will not show footnotes (which is what Ioa meant).

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Hi Keith
Thanks! Just exported it as RTF but opened it on Windows. It worked indeed.
I’m won over…

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Glad that helped!
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