MISSING_IMAGE and the Mac Photo Library

Are there any tips or warnings for inserting links to photos in the Mac Photo Library (instead of to jpgs in a Finder folder)? Some of my links have gone dead.

Into a text note, I select "Insert > Image Linked to File . . . ". In the dialog box, I select “Media > Photos” and up come the photos in my Photos app. I can select a photo and it appears in the text note. No problem.

But over time, some have gone missing, replaced with a note such as “MISSING_IMAGE:/Users/john/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/media/version/25/00/fullsizeoutput_2554.jpeg”.

Interestingly, almost all the missing ones disappeared from the “Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/media/version/” folder. Photos with links to the “Photos Library.photoslibrary/Masters/” folder seem not to have this problem. I am guessing my photo exists in both “/Masters/” and “/version/”; the one in “/version/” gets chosen when I insert; and the photolibrary database occasionally culls items from the “/version/” folder, unaware that another app is using them. If that is right, how do I stop the culling or ensure I get the uncullable master when I first insert? And is there a way to find the master of the version that got culled?

Or maybe the problem lies elsewhere.

Any tips, insights, or suggestions would be much appreciated!