Missing images into Scrivener manual

Good evening everyone.

I downloaded scrivener manual into scrivener format to compile it into epub and read it in my epub reader app.

I compiled it and many and maybe all images are missing.

Is it my mistake or what?

Thank you.

At the very top of the binder in the user manual is a “readme” file that explains how to compile the project, and how to download the images if you want to include them as well. The images are a separate download since not everyone will be interested in compiling it.

It has never been set up to compile to ePub, especially not through the rich text method of doing so. It would probably take less work to get a presentable result through the Pandoc ePub method, since that would at least be treating the source as Markdown. But differences between MultiMarkdown and Pandoc dialect would mean a number of things might break, particularly cross-references to figures.

Oh thank you, I had completely missed that.

Have a good evening.