Missing post, about coffee

Shamefaced admission from a trigger-happy moderator… There were two identical posts here a few minutes ago about coffee, and I accidentally deleted both of them, intending to remove just the duplication. I am very sorry! I can’t see who posted them, but if it was you, dear reader, please post again.

Wait, you delete duplicates about coffee but leave Vic-k’s 100+ page three words story alone?!?! Even worse, you continue to allow vic-k and ME to post at all?!?!?!


Well, I’ve never pretended to be a good moderator! It’s all gone horribly wrong, and some poor coffee-poster will think I’ve deleted him/her. I’m mortified. :frowning:

If it makes you feel any better, I deleted my boss today. That was more of a prank though. If I get deleted by him… I bet it won’t be a prank.

Now, get back to keeping the miscreants in line!

Mistress Siren, just tap the UNDO/REDO button. Hope this helps

Strictly speaking, it’s your three words story, about Vic-k. But I digress; perhaps we can encourage a repost from our deleted poster, with a poster. Hopefully its message will also assist in mollifying Siren’s mortification:

but it might be a riposte :smiling_imp:

Mr X

Haha! Wunderbar! :smiley:

Did you read the post before deleting? Can you give us the salient points?

The biggest change in coffee since Mr Coffee made its debut

I’m glad you didn’t say “the BEST change…”

I think you are all ranting about my Espro French Press http://espro.ca/espro-press/ post, where I talked about my shiny Small, Medium & Large versions arriving from Canada. I wanted to share my joy with you all but my post was gone literally seconds upon posting.

All 3 lined up, ready to brew: http://pic.twitter.com/jemmH6Pm6M

I thought at first I had not actually posted it because after I had posted it & looked at it once, and returned to the main directory, it was GONE! Was I dreaming? Hallucinating? Had I only thought about posting it but didn’t actually follow through?


Interesting. When we upgrade, worth looking into? I’ve had good experiences with Bodum ones. I was quite sad when a former roommate used mine on a range and melted it.

Well, now I know what’s going on my Christmas list this year. :smiley:

Mishenka! It was indeed your post. I am so sorry! I even asked Ioa/AmberV if there was some way of getting one of the duplicates back, but there wasn’t. I’m very glad you have posted again.

The cafetières do indeed look very shiny and lovely. If I weren’t an espresso addict, I could be tempted myself. My husband kidnapped my Bodum one and took it to work to share with his friends, and now it is all stained and filthy because they never wash it, so I’m not letting it back in the house again.

I have one of these: frieling.com/products/coffee-and-tea-essentials/
It’s shiny, double walled to keep the coffee hot, and… erm. Okay that’s it.
Also, it’s not in my house right now, but on a boat somewhere. :frowning:

Don’t let it bother you, Siren! I was really starting to think I hadn’t posted it - things happened so fast! And the fact that you stepped up & admitted to deleting it is admirable!

Looks nice! I’ve got through a few Bodums as well but wanted to see if this was worth the hype. This started out as a Kickstarter project (I contributed, and was awarded all 3 models!).

What is unique about the Medium & Large versions is the double-filter mechanism. Filters out ALL the coffee grinds & grit! All you end up with is pure coffee!

I like my Bodums, but to be fair, I haven’t used anything else. They’re cheap–generally on sale at Target–and hold up well, unless a housemate uses it directly on the stove and melts it. (Poor thing looked like something out of a Dali painting, and the smell…let’s just say I wasn’t a happy camper that day. The air may have turned blue from language, as well.)