Missing Research folder in Tutorial

The tutorial repeatedly refers to the Research Folder. I’ve looked in Quick Start and also in Binder. Not there.

There is a document(?) called Research in Binder, but the only thing in it is Character.

Where do I find this folder?

Thanks, Fran

Hi Fran,

Yes, that’s the Research folder. When you first create the Tutorial project, the Research folder will contain a Sheets folder with templates, and various other items used as examples.

You can’t delete the Research folder, but you can delete its contents. If you believe you’ve inadvertently done so, these items would be moved to Scrivener’s built-in Trash folder.

You can always start again with a fresh copy of the Tutorial project, by taking the following steps.

  1. Close Scrivener.

  2. Locate the old Tutorial project with Windows Explorer and delete the .scriv folder. You probably named it something like Tutorial.scriv.

  3. Launch Scrivener.

  4. Depending on your settings, Scrivener will either open the last project you worked on or it will open the New Project screen. If last project you worked on, select File > New, to launch the New Project screen.

  5. From the New Project screen, select Getting Started > Interactive Tutorial > Open. Read the small pop-up about the Interactive Tutorial, then press Continue. Choose where in your PC you want to store the Tutorial project, and name it. Mine is cleverly named Tutorial.scriv.

At the conclusion of the above, you’ll have a fresh Scrivener Tutorial, with a fully loaded Research folder.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you! :smiley: