Missing Templates

Have I messed something up? All of a sudden Project Templates for Fiction are missing. Only Short Story is available. I’m using the latest beta build.


Strange - you’re right, they are missing from the latest build, I’m not sure why; it must have been an error during the Xcode build process. I’ll ensure they’re back in for the next build. Thanks for another catch!
All the best,

I’m assuming you caught this already, but all the Scriptwriting ones are also missing.

Yes. It was all the ones that you pointed out had 1.x-style meta-data. It turns out that after fixing them all, I somehow ended up with the new copies in my ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates folder and the old copies deleted from the Default Support Folder inside the Scrivener.app bundle. I’m still not quite sure how I did that… My process is to update the templates, then move the updated versions from the Application Support folder into the bundle folder. If I had done it the other way accidentally, then the ones in the Application Support folder should have been overwritten with the older versions… But they weren’t. So I’m not quite sure how I managed to delete them from the bundle folder. At any rates, they’re restored for the next update, as baffled as I am as to how I did it!