Missing Text on Upgrade


I upgraded an old version of Scriv to the new version. When I updated my project, some of the text is missing. The pages show a word count, but the page is blank.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you!

If the pages show a word count, then the words are there, but invisible. This can happen if for instance you have white text on a white background.

If you select the “empty” area with your mouse, does the text appear?

No, it didn’t. Unfortunately, I closed it, and when I opened it again, it showed zero word count. So, not sure what happened, but I guess it’s all gone now. :confused:

Scrivener would have made a backup before doing the upgrade.

Was the project – either before or after the upgrade – stored with any form of cloud service? If so, make sure the cloud service has downloaded the entire project to the local system.