Misspelled words in spellchecker

Can I access the spellchecker wordlist? There are some misspelled words that I use fairly often:
extravert is misspelled extrovert etc.
How can I correct this?

Scrivener uses the Aspell 0.5 dictionaries, so you may be able to modify them by following directions on that site, but if it suits your needs it’s easier to just add words to your personal word list, which you can do either from the Corrections tab of Tools > Options or by right-clicking a word marked misspelled and choosing “Learn Spelling”. If you have a lot of field-specific terms, you can add them quickly by opening the personal word list file in a plain-text editor while Scrivener is closed; the file is saved as C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\wordlists.ini (on XP this will be C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Scrivener\Scrivener\wordlists.ini). The other option is to add words directly to the Aspell dictionaries (which is not the same as editing the existing lists); there are directions on that here.

Thank you! :smiley:

From the Aspell link:

ROFLOL. They must be kidding. :unamused: The Aspell spellchecker is the only feature of Scrivener that sucks.Its suggestions are absurd. Or perhaps, to be absolutely fair, it’s just the auto-correct portion that’s ridiculous.

Sure, if I type “wnats” the possibility that I want “gnats” is WAY higher than that I transposed two letters and meant to type “wants.” Yep. So let’s just auto-correct to “gnats” with no further ado. And, in a pure spirit of helpfulness, let’s turn “han” into “Han.” Uh huh. No way could I have wanted “hand” or “hank” or “ham.” But the last straw was when my fingers mangled “innocence” into something like “innconence” and Aspell eagerly auto-corrected it to “unknown” right before my eyes. That’s when I finally turned the damn thing off.

Are there any plans to incorporate a better spellcheck/auto-correct feature? Scrivener is the only program where I’ve found it impossible to set up auto-corrects as shortcuts for character names because the program doesn’t distinguish between a letter in isolation and a letter in the middle of a word. This is the only thing I don’t like about Scrivener – that it can’t do a simple auto-correct that every other word processor on the market handles with ease.