MMD and Latex giving UTF-8 errors

I am trying to get Scrivener Windows outputting to MMD-Latex and having problems with characters not being recognised as UTF-8.

At first, I thought it was stuff that I had cut and pasted from MS Word that was causing the problem as I know they use some oddball characters for apostrophes and quotes but I set up a project from scratch using the Non-fiction with Subheads template and my Latex compiler is throwing a wobbly on the apostrophe in Your agent’s name and Your agent’s address on the auto generated Title Page. When I paste that piece of text into a text editor , it shows the apostrophe as PU2.

Is there any easy way around this other than going through the text and manually changing each character that throws an error?

OK, I figured this one out, here it is for anyone else who might run into this problem:.

Tools\Options\ - click Import/export and change Encoding for plain text from System (Recommended) to UTF-8.

Not exactly intuitive :cry: