MMD Exporting Blank Files

Recently, exporting LaTeX files with MMD has resulted in blank tex files for me, although my MMD settings in Scrivener are correct to the best of my knowledge, and the document syntax seems fine. I’ve tried this with several xslt files, none of which appear to work anymore as they used to. Am I missing something (pretty sure I am)? I believe this is a case of end-user oversight, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Actually, I left out some rather crucial information: this only seems to happen with Scrivener files that contain math syntax in them… which leads me to assume I must have done something wrong with formatting in that sense. It’s mostly equations bounded by the << >> delimiters, so I’m not sure what might be wrong.


Export the file as plain MMD text (not XHTML or LaTeX), and then process it manually from the command line in order to see where the errors are. Usually this is from an incorrectly formatted file, but there is not really any error feedback when exporting from Scrivener which makes it difficult to figure out.

Sometimes it’s due to strange invisible characters hidden in the file somewhere.

Hi, Fletcher:

Thanks for the tip. I tried processing via the command line and got an error saying that MMD couldn’t parse the file because it wasn’t in “proper UTF-8 encoding.” Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but how would I go about fixing this? Thanks again!

I would need to see the file, but it sounds like some sort of “strange” characters like I mentioned. If you have any exotic (as compared to ASCII) characters in your document, start by removing those.

Otherwise, you can start splitting your document in 2 halves and see which one breaks, then split that half into halves, etc. until you narrow it down to the culprit portion(s) of text.