MMD in Windows version?

Will the release version of Scrivener include MMD?

We are looking into ways of doing this as seamlessly as possible. The main problem is that you need a working Perl environment for MMD to even work, which Windows doesn’t come with by default, and it would be a little weird to have interface components in Scrivener that malfunction if you don’t have some arcane scripting language installed. So there are some complexities to figure out in terms of how it will be offered, but it is on the list—I can’t say much more than that.

Thanks, AmberV.

Installing Perl under Windows is quite straightforward in my experience.

:bulb: An easy solution might be:

When an MMD function is requested during compile, Scribbler looks for a Perl installation and either: uses it for MMD -or- informs the user that this function is currently disabled and what needs to be done to fix it.

1.1 Summary
I love Scrivener. Having the ability to draft in plain text and then compile to rtf with just bold, italic, and heading levels would make it simply perfect!

Perhaps this might be interesting for you because it by-passes the missing MMD export by using external MMD.



You might very well be right in that it is a simple matter once the dev team starts looking into it. Perl certainly can be very easy to install. I tried messing around with Strawberry Perl to see if that would be enough for MMD, and it is.

RTF could be a little more interesting. The Mac gets that “for free” because it comes with a BSD tool called textutil, which does simple conversions between various formats. It’s all right, but loses some detail because of the fact that its just making a look-a-like copy of an XHTML file. A better route is via the .tex export and using latex2rtf. A better route would be a straight-up RTF XSLT that does a proper job of it with real footnotes and all that lovely stuff. Hopefully I have time to put something like that together, as that would be nice for Mac users as well.


I am a windows user and just came across scrivener. What a fantastic software! Please try to make the footnotes style mimic as close as possible the one used on Microsoft Office Word and you will have a lifetime customer. I have to add dozens of footnotes per article.

Right now I can´t use the beta version due to the footnotes bugs footnote doesn't print as footnote [BUG LOGGED]). I will keep an eye on this Forum and adopt scrivener as soon as possible.


If possible, please make the feature described below available for the windows users too: