MMD to Latex AND odt using BibDesk


my setup ist Scrivener for writing, Bibdesk für reference management and Latex for final formatting.
All very well while I have a template that gives me MMD tags for the BibDesk reference like [p. 6][#Newton2002] which shows up in the Latex file as a \cite{} command.

Now I want to export the same scrivener file via MMD as odt or doc file because there are some people who disklike Latex or pdf files and sill want nice formatted documents with a bibliography ( :unamused: ) and others who want my document as Latex file.

But if I perform a MMD export to a file which could be opened in Libre/OpenOffice or MS Word there is still the MMD tag [p. 6][#Newton2002], while all other MMD signs have changed as they should - only [p. 6][#Newton2002] is still resisting. :confused:

Is there any chance to have a MMD export which changes my [p. 6][#Newton2002] into something which could be read for example by Endnote or Mendeley so I can generate a reference list in the odt or doc file :question:


You’d probably have more luck posting this idea to MultiMarkdown support. Here, we are just integrating the tools as provided, without alteration.

You may also be able to use Scrivener’s Replacements compile option pane to convert the citation string into something BibDesk can scan for in OOo and convert to a citation command. I have no idea if BibDesk has a function for that in its OOo support though. I’m just thinking of how most of these work, where strings like {this} are scanned and turned into plug-in compatible citations with the more popular bib managers.

I have tried to do so, but the commands are too complex. There is a BibDesk Plugin for Libre/OpenOffice but it needs the Latex cite-command for recognition. And the [p. 55][#Bieri2007] - MMD string is only changed into a Latex command if I export to Latex.

For Endnote I need in Scrivener {Bieri, 2007 #137: 55}. - But this seems to complex for a workaround via replacement tool.

OK, thanx I will try it there.

So I have received the following answer - maybe it is interesting for someone having the same Problem as I:

However I consider my problem solved (at least in near future) according to KB:

[url]A citation marker management]