Mobi compile cover issue.

Not sure how to fix this…

The cover image I select in the Compile menu does not show up as a thumbnail when the mobi is sent to my Kindle. All I get is the title and author name. The cover image does show up in the actual mobi file with Go To > Cover.

Any help would be appreciated.

Any chance you are in list view and seeing something like this …


Rather than icon view and seeing something like this …


If yes, there should be an option for you to toggle between the view types. On the Kindle App for Mac, it is on the toolbar at the top of the Kindle window.

What type of Kindle are you using, and how are you putting the .mobi file on it? Kindle for Mac in particular has issues with depending upon cached thumbnails, meaning that even if the .mobi has a different cover, it can go on using none or an older one.

Whatever the case, the best way to check for this stuff is to use Kindle Previewer on the Mac. That has a button to check the cover image, and if you see it there, the .mobi should be fine. If it’s not there, you should try enabling log file output in the KindleGen compile pane, and look for any errors or warnings concerning the cover image. It could be the file itself is unsuitable for use in e-books (trying to use a CMYK cover that was intended for the print version of the book, for example).

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I’m actually using a Kindle Paperwhite and using the Send to Kindle application to move the mobi to the device. I also have the Kindle app on my Nexus 7 and phone; same issue on both.

I am getting the correct cover when I click the Cover button in Kindle Previewer though, so I assume it is working correctly and all my devices are using old caches. I’ll start working on clearing those and trying again.

Has anyone figured out a way to clear the cache on the Kindle Paperwhite? I can find no option in Settings and Google brings up no good answers.

I’m not sure how to clear the cache on a Paperwhite—probably a fifteen-second power button reset. Another thing you could try is using a different filename for the .mobi itself. I’d just use sequential numbers while proofing.