mobi/epub compile ignores paragraph indent; it's always 1/8" regardless of what's set in the editor

If I compile my project for e.g. pdf the paragraph indent I have set (0.3") is preserved. But when I compile for epub/mobi the indent is always 1/8". (Paragraphs with no indent do keep their no-indent formatting though, which is good)

Is there a way to change this behavior? Either of these would be fine with me:

  • Have epub/mobi compile preserve the paragraph indent distance from the editor (the elegant fix)
  • Or, just some way to change that default paragraph indent to something other than 1/8" (a workaround)

Text width (and thus also indenting) is set by the user in the ebook reader so you can’t set it to a fixed with. It needs to be adapted to device used. An indent of 1/8" might look good on some devices but doesn’t make much sense on an iPhone.

@lunk Hi, thanks for reply but I don’t think that’s right. All the other books on my kindle have larger indents than 1/8", and if I export my book via Word to .htm then it’s displayed with the correct 0.3" indent. I’m pretty sure this is a problem with Compile. (btw on my kindle there’s no user setting for the size of paragraph indent.)

Anyway, the issue is 1/8" is too small a paragraph indent, so it doesn’t read well. Are other people getting the same result when Compiling to mobi with Windows 1.9.7 version?

If it’s a bug with Compile, I’m guessing that all I can do is wait for the Windows release of version 3.

There is basically no indent at all when I open a book on my iPhone 8 and I can’t change the margins, only the line space:

On my iPad I can change the text width: