Mobi export left-aligning centered text

Hello again, guys. I’m having a new issue. When I export to MOBI format, a bunch of my centered text is being right-aligned. This doesn’t happen in DOC or EPUB, but MOBI. Anyone know what to do? Thanks :slight_smile:

Attached is the EPUB and MOBI exports, sides by side, of my template file.

EDIT: I’ve tried some things! My DOC exports also worked fine. I erased and recreated each page manually and was able to recreate the error when I center-aligned elements on the title page. It removed the center alignment for the rest of the ebook. I’m guessing this is a Kindlegen issue, not a Scrivener one?

For now, I’ve been exporting as EPUB, then importing into Calibre and converting to MOBI there. That seems to be working fine.

Thank you for this workaround. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. :laughing:

BUT…is there anyone out there who can tell us how to fix this bug? It shouldn’t be doing this. :frowning: I’ve gone through all the fixes in the forums and sent a note to tech, but nothing. While the workaround is great, the program used to do this on it’s own. Then suddenly…boom…now I have this problem. :angry:

So any help would be hugely appreciated!


To add…

And I just discovered that when I do use this workaround, the font sizes change. Grrrr…

Example. I have a chapter heading using TNR font size 16. The text size is TNR 12. But after converted in calibre, all the font sizes when viewed in Kindle are the same.

bangs head on desk




You need to show your Compile settings. There are differences in the choices you can make between epub and mobi output and the presets are slightly different.
Have you made any changes to the presets for mobi or epub output?