.mobi TOC links link to wrong chapters

I’m compiling a novel for .mobi, with Compile’s auto-generated HTML TOC. When I open this book in Kindle Previewer, the links in the TOC aren’t right: they’ll be correct until partway through, say chapter 77, and then both the “chapter 77” link and the “chapter 78” link go to Chapter 77–after which all the links are off by one. (This mismatch doesn’t occur in Previewer’s “table of contents” in the navigation sidebar; only in the TOC in the book itself.)
I tried compiling again without changing anything; the chapter that got double-linked was a different one this time, otherwise the same effect.
Can you give me any suggestions? Thanks–

Is there a section break in the middle of the chapter?

The auto-generated ToC uses section breaks to identify “new” sections, so you should only insert them when you actually want to create a ToC entry.


I don’t think there’s a section break; I have chapter headings (which are what’s being indexed in the TOC) and then scenes under them. Lots of multi-scene chapters aren’t having any trouble–and when I compiled again, the double-linked chapter was a different one.

In case anyone else has this problem: I think it’s Kindle Previewer 3. The same thing happens with an EPUB file (different chapters, and different chapters each time the same file’s opened). That EPUB file makes a properly linked TOC when I open it in iBooks.