Modifier key opens binder document in nonactive editor

Wouldn’t it be cool if pressing the option/alt key while clicking on a document in the binder opened it in the alternate editor window, without changing focus?

More precisely, when View > Binder Affects > Current Editor was selected, holding down option/alt would open the selected document in the other editor. (If split view was not currently open, it would automatically open.)

When View > Binder Affects > Left Editor or Right Editor was selected, this would override that behavior so that the document opened in the opposite editor. (Less useful but probably the easiest way to make it consistent.)

To quote clueless end users everywhere, “this shouldn’t be hard to do, right?”

Or is there a way to do this already? As far as I can see, the only way to open a document in the other window is either to shift focus to the binder and then choose cmd-O or cmd-opt-O; or to shift focus to the other editor and then choose the desired document in the binder. I’d like to be able to pull things up in the other editor without shifting focus.


Unfortunately the Alt key already has a meaning in the binder, as in all Apple outline views. Alt-clicking on the disclosure triangles expands or collapses all subdocs of that item. Because of this, it is very difficult to add alternative alt-clicking behaviour that only affects clicks elsewhere in the item.