Mojave Beta and Scrivener 3 compatability

Hi there,

I would like to download the Mojave Beta and use Scrivener 3.

If you’ve been using Mojave…how is the current compatibility between the Beta and Scrivener 3? How’s it working for you? Any bugs?

I’ve read the L&L blog post, but would like a bit more real world feedback before I give the software a try.

Thank you in advance!


DO NOT install Mojave on a system that you need for real work.

The first look at Mojave suggests that it should be okay, but it is an early beta and using it with Scrivener is entirely at your own risk.

(For those who haven’t seen the referenced blog post, it’s here: … nd-scapple)


So far, the bugs I’ve noticed are:

  1. The menu buttons in the formatting bar are not drawing their white background. This is a cosmetic issue only.

  2. The blue outline that gets drawn around outliner cells when you type doesn’t update its shape properly. Again, this is only a cosmetic issue, but it’s not very pretty.

Both of these are on my list to fix, of course, but today has been spent watching WWDC videos on Dark Mode and pondering on those. :slight_smile:

Dark mode Scrivener is going to be awesome, thank you KB!

Also, were there any useful updates for the text APIs?

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good one. :slight_smile:

Don’t fret Keith, I heard from a source that Apple know that Scrivener is the best app ever written on any platform, and there is a secret project involving thousands of developers pulled from iHoover to iFiesta to rebuild the text APIs from the ground up to slice, dice, splice and wrangle prose like a pro; slated for release 10.16, codename macOS Dreamon…


Thank you, Katherine, KB and nontroppo,

I appreciate all of your feedback. I’ve picked up the Public Beta every year since that program was offered, so I’ll at least wait until then. I’m aware of the risks, but this year is a tough one because i’m in the middle of writing a book. But, that dark mode is calling me. It’s really a matter of how long I can keep my finger away from the shiny red button that Katherine so eloquently labeled “DO NOT install Mojave”…it’s just a matter of time…

Thank you again for your time.

Kind regards,

If it helps you control yourself, remember that Dark Mode requires work on the application side, too. A non-Dark Mode-enabled application – like, say, the current version of Scrivener – will not change just because you turned Dark Mode on at the system level.


Indeed, only Apple apps will work in Dark Mode at first - all apps need considerable coding to get them to work in Dark Mode, and any app built on an earlier version of macOS will automatically appear as a light mode app even when Dark Mode is turned on in Mojave. Also, Apple does not allow developers to submit apps built on a beta operating system until about a week before its official release. This means that no third-party App Store apps will be able to support Dark Mode until just before Mojave is released.

Oh, and if you’re a Pages user, a heads up: Pages crashes for me on Mojave every time it’s launched, and is unusable. (Of course, this may not be true of the public beta.)

For Scrivener’s Dark Mode, we are just in the early stages of throwing ideas around and our graphics designer is putting together mockups. There’s a lot to consider - such as, do we disable all of the Appearance colour preferences in Dark Mode, or do we offer a second set dedicated to Dark Mode? There will be thousands of UI elements that need tweaking for Dark Mode in Scrivener, so I imagine it will take a good couple of months to get it implemented.

Dark Mode is very nice in the Apple apps that currently support it, though!