Monospace fonts and figure captions for Kindle export

Hi all

Sorry about having to ask these questions but I have spent a long time trying to work out some answers and not got there yet. I’m trying to sort out exporting some documentation I’ve written to a .mobi file and have managed to get the compile to Kindle option working reasonably well and producing something that’s close to what I’m after. There are just a few things that I can’t get right though and if anyone could give me some assistance that would be great.

Firstly, there’s a fair bit of output from some software in what I’ve written and because of the way it’s formatted it only really works in a monospace font. I’d like to force those bits of text only to always be in a monospace font. The only way I’ve found to do this so far is to set the font and then use the Essay Block Quote preset style, but that also indents it more than I’d like. I tried the Format:Formatting:Preserve Formatting option as well but that didn’t seem to do the trick. I realise that I’m probably missing some simple solution to the problem here, so if anyone could advise me I’d be really grateful.

Secondly, figure captions. I’ve got some figures that I (probably foolishly) just pasted into the document when I was writing it. I’d like to give the figures captions that are set to stay as the same width as the figure and which are in a different font size to the rest of the text. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks for any advice


Hmm, that should be working. Preserve Formatting is what you would use to protect the formatting of any span of text. The essay quote preset we provide illustrates how it can be used not only to protect the quote formatting, but as a part of a preset, for easy one-click application of both the formatting and the instructions to protect them. Just make sure the blue box goes all the way around the Courier section.

I just ran a quick test, one centre-aligned Courier phrase and another otherwise normal. They both came up fine in Kindle desktop, and in most of the Kindle simulators in Kindle Previewer. Not all devices have the ability to use a fixed width font when you ask for it, in my experience. What are you using to preview?

I’m not aware of a way to do that with e-book formatting in general. For the font though, you would just do the same thing you did for the Courier sections; just use that Preserve Formatting to centre-align them and reduce the font size.