MORE and CONT'D across pages

I cannot find a way to have Scrivener automatically generate (MORE) and (CONT’D) across pages, when compiling to word or PDF.
I really need to mark the continuation of text within scenes, but I cannot find any option in compiling to do so.
Any help?

File > Compile > All Options > Page Settings and then Header and/or Footer no use to you? But if you’re looking for sectional headers/footers that Microsoft Word has there is no direct equivalent attribute in Scrivener.

These existing forum threads might be of interest:

The challenge is that putting in a “more” or “continued” requires content awareness. That is, Scrivener needs to be able to figure out that paragraph A requires a continuation, but paragraph B does not. That’s a pretty heavy technical lift for something that’s not intended to be a dedicated scriptwriting application.