more columns please.

In a life before Scrivener, I was using Omni outliner to build the structure of my scripts. Having testing all the structure softwares for 15 years, I’ve found nothing more powerful and SIMPLE than this combination of outlining and columns to add info to my scenes.
Then came scrivener… and know I build my structures in Scrivener in Ouliner mode. :wink:

It would be a killer option to add “add new colum” in Scrivener because screenwriters need to track a lot of infos (=metadata) to build structure. The power ot the column is that we have ALL these infos in a view not having to click to several windows.

And the cherry on the cake would be the possibilty to save some sets of displaying theses columns and their order.

Hi Eric,

Glad you like Scrivener!

You are not the first person to suggest extra columns. There are a few things preventing me implementing such a feature in the current implementation - one of which is how to represent that data in the inspector, another of which is just certain technical considerations.

However, I do have this on the list of things to consider for 2.0. 2.0 isn’t even in the pipeline yet, I hasten to add - it merely exists as a random assortment of notes about things that would be nice to add but which would require too much refactoring and recoding for a 1.x release.

Saved “view sets” are also on the list of things to consider for 2.0.

So, whilst I can’t promise anything in the near future, your suggestions will hopefully make it into the distant (couple of years away) 2.0.

Thanks again and all the best,

Everyday I rediscover and appreciate the simplicity and power of Scrivener in my work. And I think Scrivener is great because it doesn’t impose a working way. Wrtiters can organize their thoughts as their brain is (not so much)organized. I apologize but I forgot the name of a guy on this forum who posted a template for Scrivener from PowerStructure. it’s a good example.
And I came back to this thread. Powerstructure template is an alternative mode to display data instead of columns. But this creates a lot of sub-sub-sub-documents and I’m not very fan of this hierarchy… The less I click to see my datas the best I can work.
So I’m gonna be patient… for 2.0

Well, you’ll have to be very patient, as I have no plans to even start thinking about 2.0 as yet. :slight_smile:

I found this old thread whilst searching the forums, and I wondered if any of the suggestions were going to make it into version 2?

The book I’m writing at the moment has a tight timeline, and I’d like to be able to see at a glance when each scene is set. At the moment I put this in the synopsis, but it would be useful to have it as a separate “free text” field, with a customisable name as per Label or Status. As the OP points out, being able to add more custom columns would be very useful. Whereas labels, keywords, etc lend themselves to a closed set of options, it is in the nature of a timeline than almost every entry will be unique, so there is no feature in Scrivener that makes this quick and easy to implement.

I appreciate that Scrivener can’t be everything to all people, and that there are no plans to implement a timeline (I make use of Aeon Timeline extensively in my planning) - and no, I don’t want a calendar popup, because I’m writing about a period prior to the 16th century calendar reforms so all the days of the week would be wrong! - but a bit more configurability surely wouldn’t be that difficult… :slight_smile:

Also, to me it feels like the MetaData section is currently fulfilling two functions:

  1. Content-related tags: keywords plus (possibly) Label and/or Status, depending on what you use them for. I use Label for point of view, for example.

  2. Document-related tags: date modified, include in draft, etc., plus arguably Status if you use it to mark progress/status.

Thing is, when I’m printing out my scene synopses (whether to write a first draft on my Alphasmart or use as the basis for old-fashioned paper edits), I usually don’t want the second type of metadata - but I do want to see my PoV flag and keywords. At the moment it’s an all-or-nothing proposition, so I end up not bothering with keywords at all.

Is this something other people find vaguely annoying, or is it just me? :wink:

2.0 will allow for custom columns in the outliner (which will be viewable in the inspector too), though for the initial releases they will be text-only. But also, you will be able to sort the columns in the outliner in 2.0. So you would be able to create a date column and enter dates in some sort of text format that would be readily searchable (such as “2010-04-06”) and sort by that column (which will use the name you gave to the custom field).

All the best,

Thanks, Keith - I can’t wait for 2.0! :slight_smile: