More Custom Text Colors

For a project, I need a lot different custom text colors. At least 20, possibly more. However, Scrivener seems to support only 16 different custom text colors. Is there any way to have more custom text colors, or even possibly change the color presets?

This is an entry from the scrivener manual which should help (number 2 in particular):

That’s exactly what I did. I selected several custom colors. However, the maximum limit on said custom colors appears to be 16 and I need 20. Hence my question. Is there any way around this? Or maybe even another way to apply custom text color (i.e. html and css)? All of my googling has turned up bunk. I really need to know this, because the colors are a vital part of my story.

My apologies somehow I misinterpreted your question. :confused:
You can only save 16, but you can apply as many as you like . Simply select the text you want changed the, open the color selector and chose the one you want then press ‘OK’. This should change the text to the desired color.

You could paste some sample text into the Scratch Pad or Project Notes in your desired colors. Then, to deploy a color, you’d copy out the matching snippet, and run “Paste Formatting” over the selected text in your document. Unfortunately, you’d then likely have to reapply other text formatting and links to the newly colored text.

Rgds – Jerome