More Dark Mode feedback

A couple of observations after working on existing projects in Dark Mode.

Clearly the intention is that, in Dark Mode, standard black text becomes white text on a dark background - but this doesn’t always work. In my existing projects, some of the text changes to white in Dark Mode, but some doesn’t and remains black. Some of this text was written on the old Windows version and some on the Beta, but that doesn’t seem to have any direct correlation to which bits of text become white, and which remain black. In most cases, each individual text file will either have all white or all black text, but there are instances were a single text file changes from white to black text in the middle of a sentence.

Several of my projects use highlights a lot. This makes it very difficult to read the text in Dark Mode, because it becomes (say) white text on a yellow background. It would be good if the text could revert to black in Dark Mode when highlighted in a light colour, kind of like how the Binder text changes colour depending on whether a the background is light or dark.


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I’ve got a similar observation.
Used Dark Mode for first time today.

Text I’ve written in the current project shows as white but text files I’ve copied from a previous Beta project show still as black text and stay as black even when I add next text.

I’ve still not worked out why some text changes to white in Dark Mode and some doesn’t. I’ve even found a few instances where the text changes from black to white in the middle of a word. It appears that some text is read as unformatted, so it changes colour when switching between Dark and Light modes, whereas other text is actually formatted as black, so it stays black no matter what,

The easy fix for text that remains black is to remove the colour formatting from it. Just select all the black text and change the colour to unformatted - the top left hand corner box with the diagonal line through it in the colour options. That way the text will become white but revert to black if you switch to Light Mode.

I’ve had the same issue. Have a big project I developed on Mac, bought a new computer with Windows, and the text doesn’t adjust in Dark Mode. Did you figure out a proper solution? Is there one?

I tried to work in Default mode instead, but when I enter Compositing Editor the theme seems to revert to Dark Mode.

Not really. The only solution I’ve found is to select all the text and manually change the text colour to unformatted, It’s the top left hand corner box (with a diagonal line through it) on the screenshot.
2019-06-23 (2).jpg