more depth in TOC

I need to have more depth in TOC
Now I have many articles with numbers like this:

  • 20.29 - title of article.

I’d like to have something like:

  • 20.12.5

Has someone tackled (already) the problem?
I have set up in the header: \setcounter{tocdepth}{5} but the output don’t changes.

I tried with:
\setsecnumdepth{all} and similar (from memman documentation from page.77)
without good answers

I beg your pardon but --in this moment-- I don’t have time to study in depht the things (I am in the delivery deadline of works). I do not have time to deal with it by myself.
So I try to ask you.

Thanx in advance.


Are you using the memoir class? If so I think the following code should work:


secnum refers to numbering in the main matter itself, and so you may want that too, but it won’t increase the ToC depth all by itself. They function independently (and thus you can have unnumbered ToC entries).

Thank you Amber,

Yes, memoir.
I tried your code before to ask here. And I tried after your answer, again.
Sorry It still not working.
Have you tried if it works for you?
I do not know if I’m wrong to include them in the wrong place; or maybe miss I any usepackage?

I have only one number before the point and one number after. —> example = 29.26 No one number after.

I see in TOC , of course, other sub-titles (that correspond to all my scrivenings in the binder) but --after the second level-- they are without numbering.

My sensation is that I know I am wrong but I don’t understand where.

Thank you, still.

Ok, I’ve solved
Now I have (for example):

For someone who was curious :smiley: … this is the correct order in the bengin document window





Ah, you sorted it out while I was drafting a reply.

I found I only needed:

\maxsecnumdepth{subsubsection} \maxtocdepth{subsubsection}

to give me ToC numbering as far as x.x.x.x

If I only want x.x.x then I can use subsection rather than subsubsection. I can also tinker to get headings numbered as

but only go as far as subheadings in the ToC:

\maxsecnumdepth{subsubsection} \maxtocdepth{subsection}

Thank You MrGruff!

I need a very depth level because I am writing a long urban planning document of a city.
I need many internal and external cross-references. I need to plan and re-plan the document, to move --up and down-- the scrivenings (in the corkboard and in the binder) and so on.
In these cases the couple Scrivener-LaTeX is very useful for me. I do not have to worry about the numbering and references, they do everything!

I read, time ago, your document on them, with very interest.

Thanks again