More Dropbox issues <sigh>

I use Scrivener on both my desktop and my laptop. Ideally they would be kept in sync, so my Scrivener projects are always in the appropriate project folder in Dropbox. This used to be fine, but now I have run into big problems: every time I open a project on one computer it tells me that there is a conflicted version of the file. I know there are Monterey-related issues (I’m running OS 12.4), but I didn’t find the Knowledge Base article helpful because the menu items didn’t match mine at all; perhaps the author is running the business version of Dropbox, which I am not. I have made sure that the files are stored locally on both computers, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.
Any suggestions?

See Using Scrivener with Cloud-Sync Services / Cloud Syncing / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support where ideas are suggested for how to deal with Conflicts.

Most sync problems are caused, it seems, when something (computer devices, network, user, etc.) interferes somehow or another with completing the sync fully.

A couple days ago, I opened my MBP and it took five or ten minutes just to start syncing. “close on all devices” is good advice, but it’s not enough.

What type of sync service used? Did it really matter at thaT instance something was in the way of magical service ?

@rms: The project was out of date on the MBP, and trying to open it gave me the “project already open” message, when it definitely wasn’t open anywhere. Oh, and it was Dropbox and fast (gigabit fiber) internet.