More efficient document splitting

I like existing Document Split feature of Scrivener. But I wish there was an easier one-step feature for splitting, both producing and not producing filenames in the process.
I find I often write a lengthy piece while thinking and 'inspired", but then wish I could quickly break it up to shuffle pieces in order or out to other more appropriate placement elsewhere in my document.
I’d like to be able to just somehow designate ranges of text in the editor and with a single command convert that text to a series of text documents.
Maybe if could do something simple like insert delimiters in the text at preferred break points and then have the document broken up accordingly and placed into the binder in a position subordinate to the original in the binder hierarchy.
The text.

The outcome would be pieces of text named “Title” with the delimiters removed.
Also it would be cool to be able to select a range of text in the middle of a document and be able to do a split where the content ahead of the selected range becomes one document, the selected range becomes a document, and the text following becomes a document. (with or without the sort of titling capability in the current feature).
There are times I wish with the current feature that if I use “split with title” then the title would become the new document name, but would not then again appear (remain) in the new text file created. Too often I have to go delete what has become superfluous text.

Anyway, some more, quick document split commands that don’t leave a lot of cleanup behind them would be handy.
I know there is a clipping service. But it doesn’t provide the instant gratification I crave. Fine for note taking, but less satisfying when involved in reorganizing already written narrative. Just that little bit too cumbersome once you’re already working with something organized in the binder. Wonderful tool for some things but too slow. Steals inspiration. ;-)

When you know where to put # for a split, you may as well split the document THEN, and view the split documents in scrivenings mode. It’s pretty much the same effect.

What DrMajorBob said. Using the split command is no more difficult than inserting a delimiter, so why not just go ahead and split?

There is an Import and Split command, for use with documents created in other programs, but it won’t affect documents already in the Binder.