More text editing shortcuts might make me forget Vim

Is there any chance that Scrivener would get some added text editing/insertion point moving commands/shortcuts? To help me forget about Vim and commit more fully to Scrivener, these would certainly help:

  • move per sentence (in Vim (,) )
  • jump to last edit (`.)
  • jump to last position before the jump (``)
  • set named mark (m)
  • go to named mark (’)
  • forward to and select character (f)
  • backward to char (F)
  • select a word (to change it; in Vim, ciw)
  • move number of words forward, backward (w, b)

There are already a lot of useful shortcuts (or commands that users can add a shortcut to) now, like ‘select sentence’, and I don’t know if the ones I’m looking for are feasible, but I thought I’d just ask.

Ha! I feel your pain. However, regardless of the number of shortcuts you might wish to have implemented in Scrivener, having them would just increase your desire for more. Trust me, I know.

As a compromise, check out Karabiner Elements Vim Mode Plus ( and it works pretty well. It creates a hot-key accessible vim normal and insert mode capability. Cursor movement commands are pretty complete and it includes visual mode and a lot of simple editing commands like ‘dw’ ‘cw’ and so on. It works in any standard text environment on the Mac. It is the best I have found for making use of my decades-long muscle memory addiction to Vim.

I have found Karabiner to be reliable and not cause weird problems for me. I am using Big Sur 11.3.1 on an M1 Mac mini. Your mileage may vary.