more to style than i can figure out??

Hi all, sorry if this is an obvious question, but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to change my styles (more than font and paragraph indent), such that in my final draft that i export, for example, i can have my titles of folders and parent notes to be ‘left aligned’ rather than centred, which somehow seems to be the default.

Also, i assume there is no way to somehow allow Word to detect my child-parent hierarchized notes of Scrivener, exported as a single word doc to interpret these as different levels of headings? Or is there a work-around to facilitate this?

many thanks everyone.

Directly to the right of the font selection button for each title type is a checkbox ‘center’. Disable that to get left aligned.

If you need anything more complex than what the exporter provides, you’ll either have to do extensive formatting in Scrivener, and disable the ‘Override text formatting’ option at the top of this section, OR do all of that in an external application.

And that is where you run into the problem mentioned. Since Scrivener deals in RTF, there are no such things as “headers.” RTF is, with only a few exceptions, strictly WYSIWYG, and nothing more.

The only way to get real structure out of Scrivener is with MultiMarkdown. Which really is much less scary that you might think. I really should write a drop-dead simple quick start for it, for people who do not need tables and all of the complex stuff. If you write an average fiction book, you won’t see any MMD syntax except in rare cases.

thanks AmberV, i realized just after posting that what i was looking for (with left aligned) that my answer was right in front of me. Sorry for the obvious question.

Thanks especially for the helpful point about headers. I am entirely new, already overwhelmed given the learning curve i have been in with scrivener (vis a vis my time available, work deadlines, and promises i’ve made to deliver!), so if you ever do come out with/find a ‘drop-dead’ how to on multimark down, i would be your most grateful enthusiast. If you do, kindly drop me a message.

many sincere thanks for this help and help on previous posts!

You are quite welcome.

(I moved this thread to tech support, by the way).

Amber: I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing a Scrivener/MMD tutorial as well. I should probably check with you before I actually start then, to minimize duplication of effort :slight_smile: