How can I import a notebook from Mori?

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Welcome to the forum. I’m not sure you’ll be able able to import all the notebook’s metadata, but you should be able to bring in the basic outline structure.

I’m fairly confident that Mori can export in OPML format. Keith, the creator of Scrivener, has announced here that the next (free) upgrade, available in the new year, will include an OPML importer.

But in the meantime there are other relatively easy routes in. You could, for example, import to OmniOutliner and use its MultiMarkdown plug-in to export, then use Scrivener’s MultiMarkdown import. Or there’s a route via OmniOutliner and TextWrangler. Try searching the forum for “OPML” or “OmniOutliner”.


Better than OPML export, just export everything from Mori to the Finder - Mori’s export keeps the structure in folders and text files etc. Then just drag the exported files into Scrivener - all of the folders and structure will be brought in too. You will probably need to do a little tidying up afterwards, but that should do most of what you want.
Hope that helps.
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Thank you, KB, and Hugh, as well. My efforts were at exporting, importing, and dragging were unavailing: a message saying “file not supported” greeted every try.

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I can now report success. I exported an entire notebook from Mori in OPML as one file (the beach ball spun for a few minutes). I then dragged and dropped the whole thing into Scrivener (1.53 running under Snow Leopard). Everything came through, without hitch or glitch.


Blimey, that took nine months - that was probably the longest export/import process ever! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I’m sorry I missed replying to this again before. I’m not quite sure why exporting the files from Mori to the Finder didn’t work first - from the “file not supported” message it sounds as though you weren’t exporting to a file format supported by Scrivener. Mori should be able to export all its files as folders and RTFD files - although it’s been a while since I played with Mori, I admit.

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Mori gave me nine choices for the export format: Word, Word XML, Web Kit, .rtf, .rtfd, Mori XML, .txt, HTML, and OPML. Exporting as a folder did not appear as an option. I had no idea which format to choose, or how to rank them, so plumped for OPML. What’s your preference?

Thanks, Keith.

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I think if you choose to export as .rtfd or .rtf, it will still create the folders for you to maintain the structure - at least it used to work like that when it was under Hog Bay (I know because I based Scrivener’s basic files export on it, the one under File > Export > Files…). I suppose it might be different now, but I would have thought RTFD would work okay.

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I upgraded to 2.0 in hopes that I would be able to import my project from Mori. Nope. Nothing seems to work. Suggestions, please, as I am disappointed with my purchase.

-Eric Sogge
Portland, Oregon


Could you describe what you are trying to do, when importing from Mori? Scrivener cannot read Mori’s proprietary database format, true, but if you export your Mori files as RTFs, you shouldn’t have any problem dragging those RTFs and folders into Scrivener’s binder.