Moronic manuever

I finally got to the all important part of the tutorial of outlining and somehow lost the left side of the window pane which is necessary to complete the lessons.

Thinking, ‘not to worry,’ I just closed out of the program and started the interactive tutorial again. Unfortunately, it takes me to some random place in the manual, in a split screen, not in the ‘outliner’ section.

Anyone know how to reset the tutorial to good as new?

That button on the far left of the toolbar will toggle the display of the Binder. This, like pretty much everything else you can do with a project window will be a persistent setting. If you switch it off, it will stay off forever, until you bring it back somehow.

As for getting back to where you were, Scrivener comes with a history function, much like your standard web browser does. You could probably just click on the back button above the editor until you get back to the step you were on.

If however you do wish to “reset” the tutorial, it’s just a normal project, like any other you would work in. Delete it from the disk and then use the help menu or getting started screen to create a new one.