Most Stable OS X for Scrivener???

I am still using Scrivener on my iMac with Snow Leopard, but I would like to buy a new MacBook (still undecided as to which one) for Scrivening while out and about.

Is El Capitan playing nice with Scrivener yet, or would it be less frustrating to purchase a refurbed MacBook (Something or other) with Yosemite or Mavericks, and upgrade to El Capitan later?

My apologies if this was covered elsewhere, and if it was does anyone know where?

Any opinions, advice, suggestions, or rants would be appreciated.

Thanks much,


El Capitan works fine with Scrivener for me on a brand new 12" Macbook and a 2011 27" iMac. I’ve had no problems at all (apart from a minor cosmetic niggle with Quick Reference panels).

A few people have reported a few issues with getting it working initially, but as far as I know these are easily resolvable and may be due to updating to Ell Capitan, rather than a fresh installation. You shouldn’t have any problems with a new machine.

If you’re looking for a purely writing machine (or one that you don’t need to do large graphics manipulation on) then the new Macbook is an excellent laptop to have a look at. But try the keyboard first - I find it very good, but a few people have tried it and didn’t like it.

In my experience, Snow Leopard was the most stable OS X for everything (including Scrivener).
But if you’re going to update, go El Cap on a new (or near new) machine. All the sparkly bells and whistles and it may even last until Apple start naming their OS by astronomical bodies (I’m picturing Tim Cook, looking exactly how he looks now, proudly announcing OS X Charon…)

Scrivener works fine with El Cap in my experience on three different machines: a Mac Mini, a MBP 13" late 2012, and the new MacBook 12". Previous problems were due to public betas of the OS X, but they have all been resolved

Amen. That’s why I’ll cling to my old iMac running 10.6 as long as possible.

What else are you running? Many many stability issues come from toxic interactions among applications, not from anything to do with Scrivener or the OS.

If you install an older version of OS X, make sure you have Apple’s last release version of it. 10.6.8 is very solid, but some of the earlier 10.6 releases were much less so. (This is also why I’m holding out for El Capitan’s first bug fix release.)


10.11.1 is out already, Katherine – a couple of days ago, I think. I’ve installed it on the iMac and had no problems with it so far (although I didn’t have any problems with 11.0 either…).

Thanks. I saw it on a demo system at the Apple Store the other day, but wasn’t sure if it was out to the general public yet.


Thank you everyone for all your helpful insights.

Scrivener is the main application I use along with Firefox and the Mail program, so don’t think I will create any toxic relationships between my programs on the new laptop. Knock on wood!

I plan to run Snow Leopard on my iMac until it dies, and after reading your input, I decided on a refurbed 13" rMBP. Comparing it to the MBA in the Apple store, the retina screen closed the deal for me, and my aging eyeballs.

OS X Charon? For some reason, just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies! :open_mouth:

Thanks again everyone,


Since it’s almost Halloween, imagine if they went interstellar: OS X Betelgeuse! But for real heepbie jeebies, consider Microsoft adopting a similar astronomical naming convention. While Apple might introduce OS X Betelgeuse, Microsoft would proudly introduce Windows HR 2061*. :open_mouth:

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