Mother Earth

Thought this might appeal :slight_smile:) … apse-video

Wow. Truly stunning. I’m sure I could see my house on one of those shots. Now I know why my electricity bill is so high. :laughing:

I was trying not to look too closely. :blush: By the way, that reminds me, how are you finding the season ticket to the new domanatrix establishment?

He hasn’t found it yet. They keep telling him it’s in the rubbish skip out the back, charge him a hundred quid and let him search through the refuse for 30 minutes as long as he’s naked and they can film his search. Every 5 minutes they come out and yell at him to hurry up because he only has X minutes left. Most inspired marketing I’ve seen! :wink:

Yeah! You wish! pfffrrrtttttt!!!