Mouse back-click in a document for 'History' backstep

Such a mouse click would be of use.

Are you referring to mice that have specific forward/backward history buttons, or buttons that are commonly configured to work that way in browsers? It may be a matter of setting up your mouse to work with Scrivener, if that’s the case. With my mouse (Logitech) I can set what a button does in every program individually.

Thx Ioa,

I’ll look into that; I knew the functionality was there with my Logitech, but having not used it, it hadn’t clicked.
(Yes, as on web pages.)

All right, yeah I had to set up my Logitech to work with Scrivener (and a few other programs with history as well), by having those two buttons trigger the ⌃[ and ⌃] shortcuts. It either uses some other shortcut internally (maybe Alt← style) or maybe sends the command directly to the browser rather than going through shortcuts.