Mouse cursor not going away when typing

Hi. This happened today but I remember it not doing this yesterday. Not sure what happened but the mouse cursor stays on screen when I type now. It used to disappear, in both full screen and not, whenever I start typing. But it’s not doing that anymore. I had a Windows 8.1 update today so I checked with other typing softwares (Notepad, Word) and the mouse disappears fine. Just Scrivener is not working. It’s a minor nuisance I guess but it just bothers me a lot. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m on Windows 8.1 with Scrivener 1.7.2. And before you ask, yes, I did check the Windows setting for mouse to “hide when typing” and restarted and all that. Please help, thanks.

I just played around with this, and I find that sometimes the cursor disappears and other times not, and that it doesn’t just disappear when typing.

For example, if I double click on a word, and move the mouse away, the cursor (we’re talking about the caret here) disappears. If I move the mouse again it reappears, but may disappear again when I stop moving it. I don’t have to type anything to see this.

I can’t strictly reproduce this, but it usually happens. I’m guessing that you saw this behavior in the past, and concluded that it was working in the standard way.

In any case, this has never bothered me, and I didn’t even notice it.