Move corkboard pins to the top-right corner of index cards?

Hello, everybody.

How can I move the corkboard pins to the top-right corner of the index cards?

I found this Tweet from 2010:

But I’ve combed the Options/Appearance/Colors & Fonts Preferences, and can’t seem to find any setting that would move the pin to the corner of the index cards.

I’m using the latest Scrivener for Windows, - 06 Oct 2015.

You can go to Corkboard in Options and choose a “Corner Mark” in the Label Indicator drop-down. It then moves to the upper right corner of the index card. It stops looking like a pin, though, if that’s of any concern to you. It’s just a small colored corner on the card.

Thanks for the reply, Sanguinius.

I was hoping there’d be some way to move the pin itself, as mentioned in that Tweet.

Do you think moving the pin is a feature only found in the Mac version?

If it means moving an actual image of the pin, rather than simply the color indicator, then yes, I think it’s Mac-only for now. We’re supposed to get parity at some point, but I don’t know what update will include that feature.