Move Insertion Point to End of Line via Down Arrow

In most of the editors I’ve used there is a shortcut to move the cursor to the end of text in a document one is writing - e.g. In MSW ctrl-DownArrow does this. I couldn’t find this in the latest beta ( of Scrivener and miss it. I do find that Ctr-Right/Left Arrow moves it a single world.

Does this shortcut exist and I’m missing it?
If not, I suggest that this be put on the list of desired goodies…

Move to end of current line: End. Move to end of document: Ctrl+End. As in MS Word, Ctrl+DownArrow moves to next paragraph.

And if you mean by literal line (what we think of as a paragraph), there isn’t a specific key for that, but Ctrl+↓ followed by works. That moves the cursor to the start of the next paragraph, where then moving left one character takes you to the end of the previous (or current) line/paragraph.