Move left or Right, Rename


I’ve been trying out Scrivener 2.9 and can’t find the Move Left or Right command on the Right Click menu. I found the keyboard command. Will these be added to the Right Click Menu? Why were they removed?

Would also like Rename added back to the Right Click menu.

I’m using the Novel Template. Does that change things?

Templates don’t change the right-click (context) menu, and I’m reasonably sure that the commands you’re talking about never were context menu items.

As for adding these commands, I don’t know what the official stance is, but I bet it’s not going to happen. You’re using your mouse right now anyway; just drag to move and double-click to rename. The keyboard commands are for those people who want to avoid moving their hands to the mouse/track pad in the first place.

In Scrivener 1.9 you can Right click on an item in the binder and you hover over Move. You can move something left or right.

Left clicking on and item in the binder and trying to drag it left doesn’t move things left so not sure what you are talking about.

Really want Rename back. Why take it out in the first place?

Are you using the Windows 3.0 beta? Your post mentions 2.9, but there is no Windows 2.9 version, but this is in the Windows forum, so I’m unclear.

At any rate, in the 3.0 beta, when an item is selected in the binder, ctrl+arrow keys will move it (i.e., ctrl+right arrow to move the item to the right). F2 does rename, which is a fairly standard Windows shortcut for renaming things.

You CAN move items around via drag of course… dragging left does seem a little trickier, it seems you need to also move up/down to put the item into its new parent. But it does work.

I never used Windows Scrivener 1.9, so I don’t know how these shortcuts compare.

EDIT: I just noticed that you did say that you found the keyboard shortcuts for moving items, so you probably know all this anyway. One other suggestion is to customize the toolbar to add the move left/right/up/down buttons, which isn’t the same as the right-click menu but might be convenient.

In general when someone says “click” or “drag” without specifying “left”, they mean to use the right (or primary) mouse button.

(Right-clicking and) dragging lets you rearrange files in the binder, outline and corkboard.

Rename just requires a double-(right-)click. Same number of clicks, less interface to navigate.

As to why the removals? I mean… why not remove them? Those two menu items are easily achievable with standard mouse gestures, and there are already a lot of context menu items, most (if not all) of which you can’t do by clicking or dragging.

The beta is technically at version, as seen from the window that pops up from the Help->About Scrivener menu.

I think that’s done so that the updater code recognizes version 3.0 as being a higher revision number than any of the beta releases without having to number the final release as 3.0.32 or 3.32, or whatever would have come after using version number 3.0 as the first beta release number.

My Scrivener version of the Scrivener 3.0 for Window beta reads 2.9xxx, so I was just calling it 2.9.

I still think its a huge mistake not to have those commands to Move Left or Move Right on the right click menu. Now a new user will have to read the manual, when in 1.9, they could figure it out from Right Clicking.

I like to use Right Click -> Rename. I never use F2 and dislike double clicking. Why is this being taken away in exchange for something I’d rarely use?

Just seems like the new release will go backwards with these changes.