Move Line or Selected Text Up/Down

In outliners, Google Docs, and other text editors, it is possible to use key commands with up and down arrows to move a cursored line or selected text up or down within a document. This is extremely useful for editing text, and I would love to be able to do this in Scrivener.

Please add this to the feature wishlist if not already under consideration.

This already exists, at both the paragraph and outline levels, using the same commands found in the Edit ▸ Move submenu. On the Mac the shortcuts are the same across the board so you only need to memorise one set. On Windows, by default, there are two whole sets of shortcuts to use depending on the context. Feel free to fix that problem with the Keyboard options tab (as I do). It will complain about conflicts, but since it is impossible to move an item up while text editing, and impossible to move a paragraph down while the focus in the binder/corkboard/outliner, this isn’t actually a conflict.

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Oh super! Just getting back into Scrivener after years off. Glad to see this - thanks for bringing it to my attention.