movie draft .fdx isolated scenes compatibility

I’m trying to set up a pipeline where my imac scrivener project will sync my scenes to a folder in .fdx files that I can open and edit in movie draft in my laptop. However when I try to open the fdx scenes in movie draft the files are empty (a MDraft message says they might be corrupt). They open alright on final draft though so maybe it’s just movie draft’s fault. If I compile the whole script in .fdx movie draft seems to open it alright. If I re-save the chunks in final draft, movie draft can open them alright.

any clues?

I would recommend sending one of the problematic scene files to Mark, the Movie Draft developer. It sounds like a Movie Draft bug, as Scrivener abides by the Final Draft FDX specifications, so if you send him a sample scene, he will be able to see what’s wrong. He’s very responsive and helpful, so I’m sure he’ll get back to you quickly, and he’ll let me know if there are any specifics that I need to know regarding Movie Draft as we are in touch from time to time.
All the best,