Moving a Document to a Different Project

I know how to move documents about within the root binder of a project, but does anyone know if it’s possible to move a document (or documents) across projects?



Move? No. But you can copy documents by dragging from one binder to another. Just open both projects at the same time, drag and drop!

Note that if a document happens to be an image file, or a web archive, or anything other than a rich-text file, it won’t go into the special “Draft” folder.

Thanks for your reply rdale, but are we talking about the iOS version of Scrivener, because, other than having a split view I’m not quite sure how you would drag and drop.

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There isn’t a way of doing that; it was thought about during the design phase of shelved for later thought. Meanwhile you can copy and paste content, you just can’t copy all of the various things that make an item an item (notes, synopsis, etc.) all together.

So, if you are also using Scriv on Mac and the projects in question are being synced by Dropbox, you might just prefer to wait until you are back at your desktop and drag and drop docs between those projects using your desktop Scriv.

Dammit. I shouldn’t reply to threads when I’ve got so many other things vying for my attention. Sorry about the mix-up in platforms.

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