Moving a project from iOS to dropbox

I’ve created a project on my iPhone and am trying to move it to Dropbox (already synced). As per Scrivener iOS tutorial I’ve tried to tap edit and then just drag it up from ‘on my iphone’ to ‘Dropbox’ where the rest of my projects are (on the project home screen) but no luck. Any ideas?

In what way is it not working?

You tapEdit, tap-hold on the three horizontal lines to the right of the name until you see it ”detach”, drag it and release it in the Dropbox area among the projects you have there. So which part is not working?

Thank you so much, your description is more detailed than the tutorial. Working perfectly now. Thanks again!

Took me an hour to figure it out. First, have to have dropbox on the iPad! The “three lines, tap and hold” no longer is the way. Select edit when in all projects list. Select the project you want to move, by holding on it. Then just drag to the dropbox list. Let it sync. This will probably work in reverse.