Moving a project

I have been working on a project on my laptop but recently purchased a desktop. I registered Scrivener on the second computer but can’t find a way to transfer the project short of copying and[*] pasting it into an email, which loses all the formatting. If I export it to the desktop my computer won’t let me attach it to anything.


  1. In the laptop open the project and use the back up to option to create a backup on your system (use the folder “Desktop” to make it easy to find).
  2. Now email that zip file to your desk top.
  3. Open the zip file and you will have your scrivener project.

If you have a USB drive step 2 becomes
2a. Copy zip file to usb drive
2b. Move drive over to desk top.
2c. Copy zip file from usb drive to desktop window (the “Desktop” folder on the desktop system)

All these desktops get confusing!


Hmmm actually it didn’t work. When I opened it on the new computer, it gave me a sassy message saying the project wasn’t closed properly (it was). I continued anyway, it opened it, but the project was blank. Any thoughts?

Just to be clear, you used the backup to method and after unzipping the backup file scrivener did not like the project. Is this correct?

Assuming that the above is correct:

  1. Verify scriv version on both systems. Just double check that they are the same.
  2. Check that the UID (the number not the name) is the same.
  3. Scratch head and take up drinking.