Moving cards in timeline causes view to snap to start of timeline

I recently discovered and started using the timeline function in the corkboard, but I’ve found that if the timeline is long enough to create a scroll bar, moving any card causes the view to snap all the way to the start of the timeline. It’s like it instantly scrolls to the beginning. The card still moves, but this is obviously pretty annoying, and I would love a solution.

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Are you on Mac or Windows and what is your Scrivener version number (Help → About Scrivener on Windows or Scrivener → About Scrivener on Mac)

I’m on Windows, version number (1463331)

Hmm, I haven’t been able to recreate this myself. You may need to write into support so that you can share a screencast of the issue in action and/or send the file to be inspected. I’m not aware of this being a known issue.

Windows Scriv v3 has exhibited this Arrange by Label behavior since the initial release, but I never bothered to report it. Shame on me. :pouting_cat:Thank you @DerpyPandaQueen for bothering. :grinning:

Hi @JenT, I can easily reproduce this, perhaps because I’ve experienced it many times before. Hopefully you find the steps below helpful.

I’m using a fresh copy of the Tutorial, running Windows Scrivener v3.1.1.

Select folder Tips in the Binder

View > Corkboard

View > Corkboard Options > Arrange by Label

The Rows view is the default, but this issue occurs with Columns view as well.

Note that Default Formatting is the left-most/top displayed Corkboard item.

Scroll until item Scratch Pad is reached.

Drag and drop Scratch Pad to the other side of Backing Up.

The Corkboard view scrolls back to Default Formatting as the left-most/top displayed Corkboard item.

Please let me know if any other info would be helpful.


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This is exactly what’s happening, thank you for the screenshots!

Thanks for that helpful illustration of the issue, Jim. I was able to replicate the results you’ve laid out here. I was moving the cards between labels and not seeing it that way, but moving them linearly on the same label, the issue is apparent. I’ll get this sent over to the Windows team.


Excuse me if this has already been covered but I can’t find a thread. I’m using Label View, but whenever I move a card by dragging and dropping, the whole view jumps back to the very start and I have to find my place again.

Is there a way I can stop this happening and remain at the point where I am moving the card to?

Your comment has been merged with an existing thread on this topic. This is a known bug that we’re working to fix!

Thanks JenT and good luck.

Is there anyway to fix scrollbar?

[scrivener corkboard 1 - YouTube](scrivener corkboard 1 - YouTube)