Moving content between projects? Any updated info?

Hello again!
I have only been able to find older threads on this subject, which suggest that by now there may be a way to do this easily.

I am using Scriv 3 in Windows 11.

How do I move content (files, folders, selected text) from one project to another? I am working on a book proposal, and as I write the TOC I keep writing whole chapters (which is good! This is the whole idea of writing a TOC), but those chapters don’t belong in the proposal, they belong in the book I hope to get a contract for, so I want to save that content for later in a different project folder–the actual book. There are also snippets of text I want to move into this other project folder to save for later.

I do not have and do not want Dropbox. I back up everything to an external SSD which is highly portable and light weight. Do I have to copy the material to the SSD? Or can I just open the other project folder on my laptop and save copied material there?

If it is necessary open both projects at once, I’m not sure how to do that.


OK, I think I figured it out. I found the appropriate section in the manual, and I did drag and drop by going to the Scrivener icon in the bottom toolbar of the laptop and finding the screen for the other project, then dropping the folder from the TOC into the binder for the ms.

Is that the simplest method? Is there a way to have both projects open in the same screen?

Yes, you can have multiple projects on the same screen. I don’t use Windows, but generally speaking window management is handled by the operating system, not by Scrivener. So you can just move the project windows around the same way you would any other windows.

Yes, drag and drop is the simplest method. Although there’s no Scrivener-related reason why you can’t just keep the proposal and the actual text in the same project. When you assemble the final manuscript – for either the proposal or the book – it’s easy enough to include/exclude specific sections.

With the Mac version, I can simply drag a document/folder from one binder to another. Does this not work with Windows?

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It does.
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Good, it’s hard for me to think of something even simpler or more intuitive. :slightly_smiling_face:

Strongly suggest consider one of the portable monitors to hook up to your laptop. Then can open a quick reference panel as write that could hold character or location info. But it also allows a project open on each screen to make dragging from one to the other very easy. I work mainly from a desktop with 3 monitors, but have a laptop and a portable monitor screen that works well. If use laptop at one spot consider just getting a second monitor on a stand, you’ll be amazed how much it helps with the workflo. I will often keep the project open when researching on another screen.

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For cases where it is awkward to drag and drop between open binders, maybe the screen is small or you have projects on different workspaces, there is also the Documents ▸ Copy to Project ▸ ... submenu.

Note that neither option moves content, but one is entirely free to trash one of the copies once it is copied.


Thank you so much for the suggestion

Thankyou! That is brill and exactly what I was hoping to be able to do. So easy!

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