Moving custom Meta-data from one project to another Version:


I am trying to move the second of several book projects to a new project that will contain a series of the all the books. Both files have the identical custom meta-data fields as the first four custom meta-data fields in the same order with the same names: In order, these are:

Start Day
End Day

To move the 2nd book into the series, I simply drag the chapter files form the 2nd book to the series which already contains the first book. I have both the 2nd Book project open and the Series Project open simultaneoulsy. The custom meta-data “Characters” and “Places” moved fine, but the Start Day and End Day are just blanks.

Note that the Series Project has additional custom meta-data not in the book, but if that were a problem, I would think none of the custom meta-data would be moved over.

Any help would be appreciated. I want to avoid having to retype all the dates again. There are quite a few.


If “start day” and “end day” are date type metadata fields, maybe that is why it didn’t work for those two.

In project settings/custom metadata, perhaps try to convert these two fields to “text” before moving them between projects, then convert them back again.
(You might have to convert this metadata to text in the destination project too before moving, if you don’t want to end up with two of the same metadata-- meaning that a new one would be created for each ("start day"x2 - "end day"x2), since they would be of different format than which of the destination project.)

To the best of my knowledge, version does not have a way of create date type custom meta-data. There is only text meta-data. I went into the custom meta-data setting and the only options are to wrap and color text… maybe I am missing something?

Sorry, I missed on that info, I took for granted that you were using v3

No problem… I have purchased v3, but have not been brave enough to move my writings over to it. Thanx for trying :slight_smile:

For your information, when opening a project created in an earlier version, Scrivener3 makes a backup of it first.
There is nothing “to move to”.
You just open your project in V3, it makes a backup first (compatible with your older version of Scrivener), and that is it. You work on the new version of your project from there.
If something goes wrong, you still have everything as it was before.
No worries.

A bit of learning to do, but that’s all.

Sounds easy. Maybe I’ll give it a try once I sort out this custom meta-data problem.

You know that instead of moving the content of a project inside another one, you can just drop the .scriv file of the project you wanted to move in a document in the destination project, and that will create a clickable link to that second project, right ?
It is not like moving it in, but it is still convenient.

And, have you tried exporting/importing documents instead ?
(If that is an option in V1 - I had plenty of time to forget all of this.)

I am aware of these options; however, I am trying to use Aeon Timeline and ensure the time frames for each book make sense relative to one another. The only way I know how to do this is import all the dates (Start Day and End Day) into one file and sync them. I already found one inconsistency in the 2nd book without getting it into one file, just having the visual of Aeon Timeline in the first book as I looked over the dates in the 2nd. So, for me, I need those dates to move over. Or… I have the painful task of retyping them all over again :frowning:

For me… I just don’t understand why two custom meta-data fields successfully transferred but the other two did not. Bug? Feature? Something I am missing?

Not just any two, but the last two.
Try a few things :

Add two disposable custom metadata fields to the “to be moved” project before moving it.

Try a different custom metadata order.

Try them with a slightly different name in the project you are to move than in the destination one. (Perhaps at least you’ll end up with a clone of it in there.)

Try moving your documents one at a time.

Try breaking something of little value in the house, or yelling at your computer screen.

Tried the one document at a time and it failed. I will try your other suggestions though. Maybe make them the first two instead of the last two, LOL.

Nope… only meta-data field that work are Characters and Places. Maybe custom-meta data can’t be transferred this way and for some reason Characters and Places should not be working. Out of ideas. Maybe one of the Scrivener support team has an answer. I sent a request in yesterday, but no acknowledgement came back. Thought I would try here in the forums. Thanx for the help.

No problem.
. . . . . . . . .

Have you tried sync’ing your
Aeon Timeline file directly to the new project?



Yes. Unfortunately… my custom dates cause a glitch. Because my month names have dashes in them, the format has to be yyyy/mm/dd… not the long hand formal names. The result is that the first time it syncs they have to be in the short hand version. I have corresponded with the Aeon folks and it is a limitation with their software and I do not want to redo the whole set of dates in all the files. Once they sync ok, the resync fine, its just that first sync that is fussy. Ergo, I need to import the custom meta-data as I described.

Pity. It’s years since I used Aeon Timeline, and I use yyyy/mm/dd the whole time across the board anyway as that is better for ordering entries.

Sorry I can’t help further.



Thanx for trying… I suspect moving custom meta-data like I am doing is not supported and the Characters and Places working a just an anomaly

You should have received a nearly immediate automated response. (I always do.) Check your spam folder, just in case it landed there.


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See what you are missing on :

I am not sure this would be the solution to your issue, but imho you’d be giving yourself much better chances of success, should you give Scrivener3 a go.