Moving Document Bookmarks


What I hope will be a really quick question to answer. If I want to move or copy a document bookmark from one document in my binder to another, how do I do it? Also, is it possible to arrange Document Bookmarks in alphabetical order?

Many thanks

The easiest way to do this is to select the bookmarks you want to copy and hit the ⌘C shortcut to copy them (or use whatever method you prefer to copy stuff). Then you can navigate to the other item’s bookmark list and paste. Moving is simply a matter of deleting the copies you don’t want listed after copying them.

The other method is drag and drop: open one of the documents as a Quick Reference panel, and then use the dropdown in the top left corner to view its Bookmarks list. Then go to the other item and use the inspector (or you could use two QuickRef panels, whatever you prefer) to view its Bookmark list. With both lists in view you can drag and drop between them. I’d say that method is probably better if you’re already looking at both lists though. Otherwise copy and paste is more straightforward.

There is no way to have the list sorted.

Both excellent solutions, many thanks.